Why Is It Important To Use Oven Mitts With A Slow Cooker

In case, you don’t know hand injuries are one of the most common injuries experienced in kitchens and restaurants. However, if you have been wondering and pondering why is it important to use oven mitts with a slow cooker?

Now here is it, Would I be wrong to say oven mitts are used with slow cookers, stoves, and ovens to protect our hands from injuries. Would I?

Of course, you will agree with me that I’m not. Oven mitts are worn when using a slow cooker, stoves, and ovens to protect our hands from any form of injuries such as burns and also serve as protecting shield against all forms of dirt while handling a slow cooker.

In this article, we will be revealing to you why is it important for you to use oven mitts with a slow cooker. Grab a chilled glass of water and relax as I take you through the journey.

To start with…

What Is Oven Mitts?

Oven mitts also known as oven gloves are heat-insulated gloves that are designed to be worn on the hands to increase safety while handling hot slow cookers and ovens. Oven mitts come in different types and they are made of different materials. Some materials give more comfort than others, while some offer more resistance to temperature than others.

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Why Is It Important To Use Oven Mitts With A Slow cooker?

The major reason why oven mitts are used in this slow cooker is to increase safety while cooking with them. Imagine you place your hand unconsciously on a very hot cooker, this effect can be very severe. Now assuming you are putting on Oven Mitts, the mitts can protect your hand from burning.

Without further ado, let’s look at some reasons why it is important to use the oven with a slow cooker.

  1. Using Oven Mitts makes your hand clean and free from dirt and plague.
    Wearing oven mitts while handling slow cookers, stoves and ovens can protect your hands from dirt. You don’t have to worry about the stain from the cooker or the oven with your oven mitts worn.
  2. Safety
    Wearing oven mitts gives you more safety and protects your hands from all sorts of burns, cuts, and injuries.
  3. Avoid interaction with the cooker.
    Oven mitts allow you to interact less with the cooker, you don’t make direct contact with the slow cooker, for instance, you are preparing multiple meals and you have to constantly touch the cooker. Utilizing oven mitts helps to reduce the level of direct contact and also gives you the ability to handle the cooker naturally.
  4. Increased Accuracy.
    Utilizing oven mitts can help to increase accuracy, especially when you are preparing numerous meals.

Above all, the primary reason why you should use an oven mitt with a slow cooker is to increase safety and protect your hands.

Moving on …

Choosing The Right Oven Mitts, Things to consider ?

There are a lot of things to look out for when purchasing an oven mitt, You should always select oven mitts that suit your needs perfectly. If you are handling a less hot cooker, get a mitt than serves you and if you are handling a very high-temperature cooker, select a mitt that can withstand such temperature.

Now, let’s look at a few things to consider while selecting an oven mitt

Material: One of the important things to look out for while selecting oven mitts is the material. What is it made of ?, What kind of texture does it have ?, There are many different materials used in the production of oven mitts. Cotton is the most widely used and always available. Cotton oven mitts are easy to wear and give good comfort but can not withstand high temperatures.

However,. Rubber and silicone oven mitts can withstand high temperatures than cotton. Rubber oven mitts can withstand high temperatures than cotton but don’t provide much comfort like the cotton oven mitts. Similarly, silicone oven mitts can withstand high temperatures than rubber and also offer a rigid grasp. It is very light and durable as well.

Heat resistant level: Aside from the material it is made of? Be sure to know the level of heat resistance before purchasing them. Always select oven mitts based on your needs. If you are always handling high-temperature cooking settings, then you need a very high heat-resistant level.

Thickness and Comfort: Comfort is very important, always select oven mitts that make you feel comfortable and also give a natural handling feeling. You need to feel like you are using your ordinary hand while wearing oven mitts to work.

Length: The length of the oven mitts is another important thing to consider while purchasing or selecting oven mitts. If you are always working with a big slow cooker. You should probably select an oven mitt long enough to cover your wrists.

Do You Need Two Oven Mitts with Slow cooker?

Yes, it is better to use two oven mitts when handling a very big slow cooker, but you can use a single oven mitt when using a small cooker and pots. However, using two oven mitts can increase safety and protection.

Can I Use A Towle Instead Of An oven mitts?

Towels are sometimes used in place of oven mitts, but it is not advisable to use wet towels, a dry and folded towel can also function in the capacity of oven mitts. Some professional chefs prefer to use towels due to their versatility. However, you just have to be careful while using a towel to handle the hot slow cooker.

How Often Should You Change Oven Mitts?

Oven mitts of good quality are designed to withstand any condition, they are durable and easy to maintain, You don’t have to change your oven mitts always. If you purchase a good-quality oven mitt, it can serve you for years.

Are Oven Mitts Washable?

Some oven mitts are washable, while some are not. If your oven mitts do not have Washable instructions on them, you don’t have to wash it, you can simply remove stains by damping the spot they are stained.

Wrapping up

Oven mitts are primarily used to protect our hands from burns. However, it is imperative for us to choose the best quality, good material, and the right size so as to get maximum safety and protection.

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