Why Does Slow Cooker Food Taste Bland – 10 Mistakes That You Didn’t Know

Slow cooker is trending these days that they often represent a new version of cooking. However, slow cooking had started way before that.

In today’s setting, slow cooking using a slow cooker makes the most out of your time since it can help you prepare a delicious meal when you go out.

It contains numerous benefits that a busy parent or an individual with all days’ work can utilize.

What comes out from your slow cooker cooking all day long will determine the output of the meal. But, what if the food that came out tasted bland?

It’s very unclear to you why it happened, and more questions pop into your mind asking yourself how it came to be like that. Though in some cases, expectations might be different from reality.

Today, in this guide, we will discuss why slow cooker food tastes bland. Below are the ten mistakes that you should avoid so that you can have a perfect meal finish for yourself and your family.

Why does slow cooker food taste bland: Common Mistakes

Some things come unnaturally when it comes to slow cooking because if you are not an expert and you have just first tried it, things would get complicated. One of the probable events that will happen to you is that the food may be tasteless after doing the slow cooking process with your slow cooker.

Together, let’s find out the common mistake to avoid below:

Not a salt lover

If you are a keen person who doesn’t love using salt in every cooking, then that will be the main culprit why your food tastes bland. Salt is not just a seasoning, but it contains wonder that will make your food great. It is an essential substance that adds flavor to every food we cook since it can enhance aroma, give flavors, preserve foods for a long time, and make the food yummier.

Under seasoned

It might not be easy to determine the exact amount of salt sprinkles, spices, or herbs added to the recipe to ensure a perfect meal. In some other way, it might be that you under-seasoned your food inside the slow cooker. Some others do trial and error, and most of the time, a taste test will be the most convenient way to check if the meal is good-to-go.

Convenience at its Best

The problem with using a slow cooker is the convenience that it can benefit users. You’ve just thrown the ingredients inside while you want to have a nice meal without preparing everything. It doesn’t mean that the slow cooker will do the cuts and glory for you to just sit there and relax. Don’t take for granted slow cooking because you can mess up the whole cooking process if you don’t come prepared.


Pouring more water inside your slow cooker will be bad since it can make the food inside the slow cooker tasteless and bland. See to it that you pour the dedicated amount according to your recipe. Try not to pour as much water as you can. Just place enough amount of water to give the slow cooker moisture for consistent and even heating.

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No spices

Sometimes we are forgetful, and we haven’t added spices to our recipe. That will surely make your food taste bland when using a slow cooker. Without the spices and the seasoning, you are just making a tasteless food that can immediately go to the compost bin.

Faulty Slow Cooker

When your food tastes bland after slow cooking, it might be that you have a faulty slow cooker. Maybe there is a problem with the heating element: it can’t cook the food properly, leading to overcooked or undercooked food.

Cooking Times

A tasteless food sometimes occurs when the food is undercooked or overcooked. It means that you haven’t monitored the cooking times of your slow cooker accurately. You may have forgotten which time to get the food out or removed it on an early schedule.


Sometimes when we are too busy, we tend to ignore the state of the ingredients we intend to use. Most of us fail to check whether the ingredients are still in good condition. When your finished meal tastes bland, investigate first the ingredients inside because one may be spoiled and scattered its bad juices throughout the recipe.

Wrong Settings

Things can come out of the blue, especially when we are preoccupied. One common reason a slow cooker food taste bland is that you have set the wrong settings for your slow cooker. Instead of doing it in high heat, you have to set it low and vice versa. Try to double-check everything and ensure that everything is in the right place.

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You don’t have the idea

If you have just started slow cooking, then it might be that your first dish won’t be successful since you don’t have the proper idea and experience to cook food properly. First-timers can relate to this problem. It’s worth a try to start and be sure to never give up. The more you cook, the more you will be familiarized with preparing the best meal you’ve wanted.

Why does slow cooking taste better

There are several reasons why does slow cooking taste better than food prepared with other methods.

One of the main reasons is that slow cooking allows ingredients to cook in their own juices, which helps to intensify the flavors. Additionally, slow cooking allows the ingredients to simmer together, creating a rich, complex flavor that can’t be achieved through other methods.

Another reason why slow-cooked food tastes better is that it infuses the food with moisture. Slow-cooking methods, such as braising, simmering, and slow roasting, use low heat to cook the food over a long period of time. This low heat helps to slowly break down the ingredients, allowing them to retain their moisture. This helps to create a succulent, tender texture that is hard to achieve with other cooking methods.

Slow cooking also helps to extract the flavors from spices and herbs. Slow cooking allows the flavors from spices and herbs to slowly infuse into the food, creating a depth of flavor that can’t be achieved with other methods.

This is why slow-cooked dishes often have a complex and intense flavor that can’t be replicated with other cooking methods.

For all these reasons, slow cooking is the preferred method for creating flavorful dishes. From succulent meats to mouthwatering stews, slow cooking is the key to creating a delicious meal that will delight your taste buds. So the next time you’re in the kitchen, consider giving slow cooking a try and enjoy the delicious results.

How do I get more flavor in my slow cooker: Tips to get a flavorful meal using a slow cooker

Add seasoning – Add seasoning is considered the best part of cooking. It might be difficult at first, but you’ll get the hang of it later. It is essential to add seasoning because it can enhance the flavor of the food you will cook. A sprinkle of salt, pepper, and spice will get the job done so that you may have a flavorful and very tasty meal afterward.

Use fatty foods more – Adding more fatty foods will help the whole recipe evenly distribute the salt and seasoning inside the slow cooker. It enhances the flavor by blending it in a way that can give rise to a more flavorful dish. Aside from that, it can give a deeper flavor that your tongue would want for more.

Brown meat and vegetables first – To get the flavors you’ve wanted, try to brown vegetables and meat inside a saucepan first before placing it inside a slow cooker. Browning will get the flavor and juice out of the meat and vegetables. This will ensure a more tasty meal while slow cooking it in a slow cooker.

Avoid overflowing – Try not to use more liquid inside a slow cooker. Just give it three-fourths of the whole capacity and do not pour in too much because it can make your food tasteless once it’s done.

High-quality ingredients – High-quality and premium ingredients mean a five-star meal. Don’t buy ingredients that are expired or even spoiled. See to it that every ingredient is fresh from the market or store. Ingredients are the prime movers of how well the dish will become after slow cooking.

Saute it – If you want to develop a deeper flavor for your meal in a slow cooker. Try to saute each ingredient in a saucepan before cooking them inside a slow cooker. It will bring out the best of every ingredient providing you with a very tasty dish.

Use broth – Try broth instead of water as a cooking liquid. Broths generate a flavorful liquid that you may add to your recipe.

Set it right – Double-check everything if you set things right. You don’t want to overcook your meal because of your own doing. Set the slow cooker to the correct time and setting. Have a timer to ensure that you are cooking it properly.

Get a holy grail – When you want to have the best meal from slow cooking, you should get the best slow cooker America’s Test Kitchen. These are the best among the best slow cookers you can find in the market. You won’t worry about slow cooking because these slow cookers will show everything they’ve got to give you the best meal you have dreamed of.

Can herbs enhance the flavor of food using a slow cooker?

Yes! Herbs are excellent in giving strong flavors to every food you will cook. Be mindful that you should just give enough amount of herbs in your recipe to get the best taste. A trial and error might become handy, and eventually, after many tries, you can get the desired taste that you want.

Final Thoughts

Slow-cooked foods are the best when it comes to a tasty dinner. It generally tastes better than traditional-cooked foods since the flavors from the ingredients are being blended thoroughly because of the consistent heat generated from the slow cooker.

Things may go haywire once you don’t do the slow cooking properly, and you will end up with slow cooker food that tastes bland. Knowing the things that could be the culprit will give you a second chance to show everybody that you have all it takes to have a perfect meal finish. You deserve it, and get started now to earn that badge!

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