What to use to hold a hot slow cooker

Owning a slow cooker at home gives you the joy of serving delicious homecooked meals. A slow cooker is a piece of convenient kitchen equipment but often times it gets too hot to handle!

If you are wondering what to use to hold a hot slow cooker when you are using it, you can just look around your household stuff and pick up anything such as a kitchen towel then improvised.

But if you really want to handle your hot slow cooker efficiently without risking a scald or burn then consider top products to hold a hot slow cooker.

Top 5 products to use to hold a hot slow cooker

If you love spending time in the kitchen, chances are you already earned your fair share of cooking mishaps such as burns or scalding.

Part of handling a slow cooker is dealing with it while it is hot when it is operational during cooking or when set to keep the food warm.

Good thing there are an array of protective gear items and this is what to use to hold a hot slow cooker. Some are modernly designed while others have the classic glove look. Mittens for slow cookers are also made from different materials to suit your preference.

Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Gloves made from heat-resistant silicone material, these slow cooker gloves provide a good grip on most cooking equipment.

Non-slip and water-resistant, the silicone long gloves have a honeycomb texture pattern for an exceptional no-slip grip on the hot slow cooker.

Silicone is virtually waterproof and stainproof so you will not worry about hot food elements seeping through your gloves.

Very flexible, silicone material helps you achieve a natural grip that conforms to your hand shape. Provides generous coverage protecting your entire hands and lower arms with soft cotton lining for the best comfort. Easy to clean using soap and water.

Silicone + Textile Mittens- specially made to provide comfort from cotton fabric while efficiently protecting the hands from getting burned.

Treated with silicone on the front and back of each mitten, this pair of gloves have soft jersey cotton like the inner lining.

It is very comfortable to wear and comes with full fingers to above the wrist protection. Multifunction cooking mittens are resistant to stains and can be hand-washed or machine washed.

Pinch Mitts Pot Holder- uniquely designed, the pinch pot holder is made from thick silicone that is resistant to heat and from premium food-grade material.

This is safe to use when handling food knowing that you will not worry about transferring toxic materials to your food.

It has a textured pattern that makes for a good grip but is also soft to touch. Can withstand the heat of up to 446⁰ perfect for handling even the hottest slow cooker around.

This type of slow cooker pot holder offers easy protection to the fingers when handling hot pots and has slip-resistant properties. Small and handy, the pinch mittens are space savers too and easy to clean.

Pure Cotton Oven Mittens perfect for those who are sensitive to using rubberized or synthetic materials, the cotton oven mittens are also good to use to hold a hot slow cooker.

Made from soft natural quilted cotton with a protective lining, it will provide a comfortable feel while preventing your hands from accidental burns or scalds.

Classic design with various printed options and colors, these slow cooker mittens are softly quilted with inner cotton lining for ultimate wear comfort. Heat resistant to up to 500⁰F and machine washable.

Neoprene Oven Mittens- handy modern design and made from durable neoprene material and cotton, these slow cooker mitts are tough enough to handle temperatures of up to 500⁰F.

Made with a 2-layer with inner soft lining, it offers both comfort and durability. Can provide your hand’s good protection from steam and heat plus the sleek design makes it easy to wear. Easy to clean and can be hand-washed or you can toss it into your washing machine.

The importance of using slow cooker mittens and oven gloves

The primary objective of using protective kitchen gear such as gloves for the slow cooker is for you to safely handle the slow cooker even while it’s still hot and during cooking.

Slow cookers can reach a high of over 400⁰F during operation especially when you are cooking beef stews or pot roasts.

For you to safely hold the slow cooker when checking on your meals you will need to protect your hands from a sudden gust of hot steam emitting from the hot pot which will cause scalding if you left your hands unprotected.

You also need a good quality pair of slow cooker gloves when whipping up a meal for protection from possible accidental burns and sudden sauce or oil spills since you really cannot use your bare hands in touching and handling the slow cooker when using it.

And even if your food is done, the heat will remain in the slow cooker for a period of time you will need to wear slow cooker mittens to safely handle and move it around.

With the variety of gloves and mittens for the slow cooker, you could choose what’s best for you provided that it will give you the best comfort and superior safety features.

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Final Word

There are important accessories that you should have for your slow cooker and one they are a pair of quality mittens or gloves.

They come in different materials from modern silicone to the classic quilted cotton fabric offering protection against burn or scald injury in the kitchen.

These slow cooker gloves are multifunctional too and can be used for other cooking techniques. They also have different cut designs such as the full glove look or the pinch type.

Whatever type of slow cooker gloves you choose just make sure that your hands are comfortable in them and it will give you the confidence of enjoying your slow cooker meals.

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