Is it cheaper to use a slow cooker than an electric oven

Yes, it is cheaper to use a slow cooker than an electric stove and oven.

If you use a slow cooker rather than an electric oven you would save more on electricity bills. Can you imagine! the slow cooker even uses less energy than a conventional electric bulb. For instance, it cost just between £50.92 and £127.40 to use a slow cooker for eight hours every day for one year.

Why are slow cookers so cheap?

Of course, slow cookers are cheap. They are even cheaper than electric ovens. And the reason shouldn’t be hard to find.

How? Well, Slow cookers are less energy intensive. And consuming less energy means that the components in a slow cooker are not up to the high standards within an oven.

Now that is not to say that the slow cooker is not a worthy item. The components in a slow cooker are just enough for what you need to do.

So, An electric oven has got broil elements and baked elements with a usually larger compartment that can take oven trays with lots of space.

And there are other components depending on the sophistication of the oven. some could even have trays and fans still

On the other hand, large slow cookers often max out at about 10oz crock pots. and the only other tangible part is the container which has the heating element embedded.

So the more your cooking equipment has to offer the more likely that it is expensive relative to others. And that explains perfectly why slow cookers are such a cheap cooking tool to have.

The price difference between a slow cooker and an electric oven (brand and size wise)

Slow cookers and electric ovens have a tangible price difference. Let’s give it some perspective:

Slow cookers can be as small as 1.5 quarts. And a large Hamilton slow cooker, for instance, is at 10 quarts.

On the other hand, an electric oven can be a portable one that will sit atop your kitchen working surface. Otherwise, it is built into a kitchen wall.

But what is most important is the sizes of the ovens. When it comes to size, they come in liters. And the sizes of electric ovens vary.

For instance, a Kinelco Electric Oven With Top Grill is 12L. And the Oster Air Fryer Countertop Toaster Oven is at 42L.

So definitely the electric oven would cost more than a slow cooker. Generally, the electric oven can handle more work that requires high heat than the slow cooker. The most important thing is that you can’t tag a value on the difference.

Indeed, electric ovens are expensive compared to slow cookers. But the prices can still be surprising sometimes.

An Oster Compact Countertop Oven With Air Fryer, Stainless Steel costs $79. Meanwhile, a Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker, Extra Large 10 Quart costs $89.

So that is one real instance where a slow cooker costs more than an oven. and the major reason for this is that the countertop oven here is more of a budget type when compared to the slow cooker. A 10-quart slow cooker is about the largest and most capable that you can get.

Cheapest slow cookers

Elite Gourmet MST239X

The elite gourmet is one of the cheapest of the cheap slow cookers. And its price doesn’t take away the fact that it is a good cooker to buy. Here are some of its features

Brentwood Slow Cooker

  • Has a 1.5 quartz capacity
  • The ceramic pot and lid make it presentable for serving
  • Dishwasher safe ceramic

Kitchen Selectives

  • Attractive design and tempered glass lids
  • Holds up to 1.5 quartz
  • Oven-safe and Dishwasher safe stoneware

Aroma Housewares

  • 5 Quartz capacity
  • Programmable cooking
  • 860-watt power rating

IMUSA USA GAU-80113T 1.5 Quart Teal Slow Cooker

  • See-through glass lid for easy monitoring
  • Option to warm when cooking is done
  • Cooking temperature control

Cheapest electric oven (and key features)

Oster Compact Countertop Oven With Air Fryer

  • Four-in-one oven
  • 60-minute timer and adjustable broiler temperature
  • Easily fits four slices of bread

DASH Tasti-Crisp™

  • A cool handle makes it easy to handle
  • Auto shut-off stops overcooking
  • Its lightweight makes it a portable

Elite Gourmet ERO-2008S Elite Cuisine 6-Slice Toaster Oven

  • 1500w power rating
  • Adjustable thermostat ranges between 150F and 450F
  • Several accessories to make various cooking methods

SHANBEN 7 Quart Air Fryer Pro Max

  • Satisfies various cooking needs
  • 7 Quart capacity
  • Uses Less OIl for cooking

Nesco 4816-14 Porcelain Roaster Oven

  • Handles that stay cool
  • Cooks between 200F to 450F
  • 750W capacity

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