Can You Use a Timer Plug With a Slow Cooker

Yes. You use a timer plug with a slow cooker. A timer plug is compatible with any slow cooker. Although you might not need one if your slow cooker already comes with a timer that favors long cooking hours. You just need to plug your slow cooker into the timer plug and set the time you want to cook for. You can go out with the assurance that when you get back home your food won’t be burnt or undercooked.

Which Timer Plug Is Better for a Slow Cooker?

You would be fine if you have a mechanical timer plug. If you want to cook for any amount of time the simplicity of a mechanical timer plug allows you to set your cook time for a particular amount of time alone.

When the time elapses, the timer plug goes off, and your slow cooker is disconnected from electricity.

Even when you need to program complicated cooking times, the mechanical timer plug works in the same way. On the other hand, digital timers might require some learning or seem complicated anyway.

What is the Benefit of Using a Timer Plug With a Slow Cooker?

By using timer plugs, you save money on electricity.
But time plugs are meant to help you cook for long hours! That’s right but when you can’t be available to monitor your cooking.

So, You’re multitasking. Cleaning the kids’ toom, trying to tie up a seductive deal, or shortly getting dragged out of the house by old friends. When you use a timer plug with your slow cooker, you don’t need to worry about running the electricity to waste.

Timer plugs minimize greenhouse emissions.
You care about the environment and how your activities impact it. Well, a timer plug is your opportunity to put some action into that cause.

Your slow cooker can consume electricity when turned off but still plugged in. However, a timer plug shuts off the connection to your electricity when the time is up.

When you decide to get a timer, you enjoy the ease of use. And the mechanical timer is the easiest timer to use.

All you have to do is plug it in and turn the timer. Unlike the digital timer plug which might intimidate you, there isn’t the need to dwell on the timer much before getting it to work.

Outsmart Difficult time schedules.
You can triumph over the battle of a hectic day and still get home to have food ready. Timer plugs can start anytime you want and turn off at the time you’ve programmed.

Also, they can simply run for the set time before going off. Both digital and mechanical timers are great if you have to cook while you’re away from home. They allow you to set any start time and end time for your cooking

Say, You want to eat chicken when you get back from work at 1800. But It takes about 4 hours to cook tender chicken with a high setting.

And you would be too tired to cook when you get back. You can program the cooking to start at say 1400 while you’re away. And when you get back home, you’ll have tasty chicken waiting for you.

How to Use a Timer Plug With a Slow Cooker?

Timer plugs will sort of, become your wall socket with control. So you want to program your preferred cooking setting on the timer plug before you fit it in the wall socket. Using it like this is more convenient.

Now, there are mechanical and digital timer plugs. Regardless, timer plugs usually have a two-way switch for a manual function and a timer function.

In the manual function, you turn your appliance on and off like you normally would through the wall socket switch.

And anyone you choose will be fine. But we’ll explain the mechanical type. And don’t worry you can transfer the knowledge to any type you have.

You might need to set simple and complex time intervals on your timer plug. But there shouldn’t be any worries. The procedure is usually the same for both.

Usually, to start a timer plug you have to set it to your current time using a primary timer. Then you must specify the start and stop time using secondary timers.

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