Can You Cook Pinto Beans In A Slow Cooker

During winter times, I often wonder what I can do to make my life worthwhile. I always stumble on things that make me question what life can bring during the cold nights. Even so, I seek to be comfortable as much as possible with making everything go according to plan. That is why I always see myself inside the kitchen making something that could give me warmth.

When I go to the kitchen to prepare something, I always look for my best 3 quarts slow cooker. This device is my old partner that has been with me for years. Without it, life could be boring. One day, I came across my storage to get some pinto bean. Pinto beans are my favorite, and my slow cooker is the best kitchen device suited for it.

Today, I will show you the necessary things to know about cooking pinto beans in a slow cooker. Check this out and learn something from it, for it can help you perfect the best pinto bean meal that you can have during winter.

Can you cook pinto beans in a slow cooker?

Pinto beans are one of the staple foods available in the market that you can store during winter. Cooking a portion of it can cook a variety of dishes, making it more amazing indeed. These legumes can feed a crowd by just using a small portion because they double in size once cooked fully. And it certainly cooks best with using a slow cooker since it can yield health benefits that contain a naturally creamy taste after cooking. Thus, the answer is yes; you can cook pinto beans in a slow cooker but be sure to properly cook them.

What beans should not be cooked in a slow cooker?

By all means, never cook any type of beans raw and dry in a slow cooker. Cooking it raw and dry will not remove the toxic elements of beans. For example, kidney beans contain compounds called “phytohaemagglutinin,” a protein that is surely toxic at certain levels. These types of beans shouldn’t be cooked in the slow cooker because the slow cooker can’t produce enough heat to destroy the toxic component from the beans themselves, resulting in health problems and vomiting. Remember that when you cook beans, they should reach a certain degree of temperature to remove the toxicity they have.

Do I need to soak pinto beans before cooking them in a slow cooker?

Yes! It is necessary to soak pinto beans before cooking them in a slow cooker because it can help reduce the cooking time, and also, it can create a better texture when fully cooked. That will make the pinto beans more digestible and healthy to eat.

How long would I need to soak pinto beans before cooking them in a slow cooker?

Soaking pinto beans is important if you want to prepare a hot pinto beans meal, and you should soak them for a minimum of five hours to reduce their hardness and make it easier to cook in the slow cooker. You also don’t need to change the water often for food safety purposes. Adding to that, you can let pinto beans be soaked overnight so that it is prepared by the time you prepare them tomorrow.

Do I need to boil pinto beans first in a slow cooker?

Yes! You need to boil first the pinto beans in a slow cooker after you have soaked them for hours. Boiling will ensure that it will remove the toxin inside the beans. Boil it for at least 15 to 30 minutes with running water and make sure that it will reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is it safe to cook pinto beans in a slow cooker?

Yes! It is safe to cook pinto beans in a slow cooker if it can generate enough heat to remove the toxins. Some slow cookers won’t generate enough heat, so make sure that your slow cooker is powerful enough to sling through the recommended temperature for cooking any type of beans. Before buying, see to it that the slow cooker can reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do I need to rinse the pinto beans before adding them to the slow cooker?

Of course! You need to rinse the pinto beans before adding them to the slow cooker to remove unnecessary legume parts. Remember that these beans are planted from the soil, and rinsing it will remove the soil remains and even the bad parts of the beans.

Do pinto beans expand when cooked in a slow cooker?

It might be unbelievable at first, but pinto beans will burst and expand twice their volume during the slow cooking process. That is because the beans will absorb the liquid that you put in the slow cooker, making them expand or burst.

What to do when I see pinto beans create gas?

When it happens that you notice that the pinto beans are gassing out, you need to soak them for 6 hours. This will remove the gases fully, and in return, the beans will be perfectly in shape to be cooked nicely in the slow cooker.

Do I need to add liquid when cooking pinto beans in a slow cooker?

Yes! It is recommended to add liquid when cooking pinto beans in a slow cooker. You need to pour an adequate amount of water to cover the beans to evenly cook them inside the slow cooker. This will ensure that the beans won’t be dried out during the slow cooking process.

Is it worth it to cook pinto beans in a slow cooker?

This is what slow cookers do best in terms of cooking pinto beans. Cooking them using a slow cooker will make the pinto beans recipe more creamy, delicious, and flavorful. Not only that it cooks pinto beans better, but a slow cooker can also be a convenient way to cook them. You will just set them and forget, and your slow cooker will do the cooking.

How long to cook pinto beans in a slow cooker?

Cooking pinto beans doesn’t take a long time. Depending on how many pinto beans you are cooking in the slow cooker, you can cook them on a low setting for about 2 to 5 hours.

Is there a need to pre-soak pinto beans before cooking them in a slow cooker?

It is very necessary to pre-soak pinto beans before cooking them in a slow cooker so that they will soften out the outer surface. This will kickstart the cooking process by enhancing the hydration process, making the cooking quicker and steady. Aside from that, pre-soaking it will prevent the pinto beans from becoming salty during the process.

Why are my pinto beans still hard when cooked in a slow cooker?

There are some cases where pinto beans are still hard after cooking in the slow cooker. This is because the beans are of low quality, and probably they are in older age. It might also be that you did not cook the pinto beans enough cooking time. Lastly, you might have added acidic ingredients into your recipe that the heat didn’t go through cooking the beans consistently.

Final Words

I hope you have learned something from the guide with all of that. Have this knowledge to guide on how to cook pinto beans correctly. Of course, I bet that you will surely love eating pinto beans after cooking them perfectly in your own slow cooker.

Get yourself straight and get some pinto beans now in your storage. Remember to soak them first overnight to fasten the cooking process. Rinse them well to remove soil and dirt. Open your recipe book and find the best pinto bean recipe that will give you warmth in winter or even on cold summer nights. Let your slow cooker do the thing and wait for it to give you a nice and warm pinto bean meal afterward.

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