Best slow cooker for camping

Are you looking for the best slow cooker for camping? Well, then you can’t make a mistake with this one. A slow cooker is an ideal choice when the weather outside is great. In the market, there are different models. All of them have their unique features but I prefer to use Presto Presto-06011-6-quart-Traveling-Cooker or West Bend 87905 Slow Cooker. Besides, I have included high-rated three Best slow cookers here best suited for camping

1. Presto 06012 Nomad 8-quart Traveling Slow Cooker, Tan

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The Presto Nomad slow cooker is the perfect solution for cooking moist, flavorful foods on your road trips. The ideal size for preparing large portions of wholesome meals, this crock pot features three settings – high, low, and keep warm – to give you plenty of options for meal prep. A removable stoneware crock has a see-through window so you can watch your food simmer away throughout the day. When you’re ready to transport your dish, just fold down the handles and close the lid for spill-proof travel.


  • Ideal for Traveling slow cooking
  • Swing-up handle
  • Picnic cooler-style
  • Viewing Window;
  • Built-in cord storage


  • Material Plastic
  • Capacity Not more than 8 Quarts

2. Presto-06011-6-quart-Traveling-Cooker

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The Presto 6011 Slow Cooker, 7.4″ x 12.5″ x 15.9″, Red is ideal for cooks who want to slow-cook foods and take them on the road. It features a locking lid that seals tight for spill-proof transportation and a wide-profile “picnic cooler-style” design with cool-touch housing and swing-up handle so carrying is easy and it prevents tip-overs when traveling.

The restaurant-quality stainless steel cooking insert enables you to count on consistent results every time! Not only will the high-performance heating element bring food to temperature quickly, but it will also maintain the heat level throughout cooking for perfectly finished dishes every time.


  • Design with cool-touch housing
  • Spill-proof transportation
  • Great for soups, roasts, and more
  • Rectangular Shape


  • Material Plastic
  • Not fit for family cooking

3. West Bend 87905 Slow Cooker

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The West Bend 87905 Versatility Cooker is a slow cooker AND griddle! The 5-quart slow cooker is large enough to make meals for your family or friends. It features a non-stick interior and is safe for use in the oven, on the stovetop, in the freezer or refrigerator, and is top-rack dishwasher safe. The transparent, heat-resistant glass cover makes it easy to keep an eye on your meal. The versatile cooker also includes an insulated travel tote and cover so you can take your delicious meals from one house to the next.


  • Versatile cooking
  • large capacity
  • Built-in griddle base
  • Lucid lucid glass cover
  • Safe dishwasher


  • It is not square-shaped.
  • Capacity not more than 5 Quarts

4. Crockpot Portable 6 Quart Slow

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The Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Stainless Steel 6-quart slow cooker is the perfect solution for making large amounts of food while on the go. With a digital countdown control, you can program your cook times anywhere from 30 minutes up to 20 hours. The removable stoneware inserts (without lid) are dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 400 degrees F, so you can easily use this slow cooker as a buffet server, chafing dish, or warming tray for buffets, holiday dinners, and special events.


  • Digital countdown control
  • Easy-to-use locking lid featuring
  • Removable stone inserts
  • Outstanding model for Campaign
  • Works on 240 Watts


  • It is not rectangular shaped
  • Item Weight not more than 13.5 Pounds

5. Magic-Mill-Programmable-Professional-Intelligent Slow cooker

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The Crock-Pot 6 quart Cook & Carry Slow Cooker with Locking Lid is the ideal tool to take your slow-cooked meals on the road. The digital countdown control lets you program cook times from 30 minutes up to 20 hours and shifts to Warm automatically once the cooking time completes. Its easy-to-use locking lid features a built-in gasket for a tight seal that keeps food tracelessly in place until you’re ready to serve, and all removable pot inserts may be used in the microwave or oven up to 400 degrees F. If you own another slow cooker brand, please refer to your owner’s manual for specific crockery cooking medium tolerances.


  • Allow a wide range of cooking options
  • The handles are cool to the touch
  • Durable and easy to use
  • The digital timer counts down
  • Split free-looking lid for easy transfer


  • It is a little bit expensive for some people.
  • Some users feel difficulty setting up

Difference between Crockpot and a Slow Cooker

You’re not alone if you’ve been wondering what the difference is between a slow cooker and a Crock Pot. Today, however, Crock Pot is just one brand of the slow cooker. The term “slow-cooker” has become synonymous with any electric device that can be used to cook food slowly over time—so much so that many people don’t even realize it started as a brand name!

When it comes to cooking, slow cookers are one of the most popular appliances in any kitchen. And while they may be similar, there is a difference between Crock-Pot and other brands of slow cookers on the market today. So let’s get into it!

The terms “slow cooker” and “Crockpot” are often used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference. The slow cooker is a generic term, while Crockpot is a brand name.

This means that no matter what brand of slow cooker you have, they all fall under the umbrella term “slow cooker.” The same goes for Crockpots; regardless of which brand you buy, they all fall under their own product category titled “Crockpots.”

Crock-Pot was one of the first brands of slow cookers to hit the market in the 1970s. Today, however, Crock Pot is just one brand of the slow cooker.

Crock Pots Generally: Ceramic or Porcelain

Crockpots generally have ceramic or porcelain pots, which are much easier to clean than other materials. These pots can be cleaned with soap and water, but you should avoid abrasive cleaners and metal utensils.

Generally the material of slow cookers: Metal

Most slow cookers have a metal pot. However, some models include a glass lid and glass or ceramic inserts. The size of the insert varies from model to model, but most are about two quarts.

What to look out for buying a slow cooker For a Campaign?

When buying a slow cooker for a campaign, it’s important to keep in mind that smaller slow cookers are ideal. This is because you’ll be able to bring them along with you wherever you go, making them perfect for bringing to events and meetings.

The price range is another factor to consider when buying a slow cooker for your campaign. The most affordable models can be bought for as low as $20, but if you’re looking for something more advanced and durable, then you might want to consider spending between $50 and $150.

Functionality is a fairly broad category, but it’s also one of the most important. The best slow cookers have lots of settings to allow you to prepare a variety of dishes with ease. You need to be able to get your food on and off the slow cooker without having to remove all the ingredients beforehand, so look for models that offer multiple cooking options such as low/medium/high heat. Some will also include a keep warm setting if you don’t want your meal cooling down too quickly after removing it from the appliance.

Build Quality
When you are looking for a slow cooker, it is important to pay attention to the build quality of the product. If you are going to be using your slow cooker frequently or if it will be used in high-use kitchen environments then it is worth spending more money on a product that will last longer. The most durable and long-lasting slow cookers are made from ceramic or aluminum as they have excellent heat retention properties and don’t stain easily.

Safety Features
When buying slow cookers, it is important to consider the safety features of the product. Safety features are not just a nice-to-have; they are an essential part of a product that will be used in your kitchen.

If you’re looking to use your slow cooker primarily as an appliance that can handle all sorts of cooking tasks—from making soups and stews to braising meats—then look for one with at least four or five different functions in addition to simple warming capabilities.

A timer is a great feature to have. You can set the time and forget it, then come back to a cooked meal. However, if you’re not going to be home for several hours or have other things to do, consider setting the timer. This will allow your food time to cook properly without burning on the outside or being undercooked in the middle.

When looking to buy a slow cooker, the first thing that you need to think about is how much space you want it to take up. This will depend on your needs, but you must get this right because if the slow cooker is too big or too small then it won’t do what you want it to do.

It’s also important to consider design features such as the size and shape of the crock, how many cooking modes it offers and whether it has a timer function. For example, some models come with an auto-off feature that automatically switches off once your meal is cooked — this can be useful if you prefer not to constantly check on your food while it’s cooking or forget about it entirely when doing other things around the house.

How to Use a Slow Cooker for a Campaign

  • Don’t remove the lid at all to have fast cooking.
  • Ensure the inner pot has reached temperature enough before cooking for the first time.
  • Check the maker’s manual for recommendations on heating times and temperatures for your slow cooker.
  • You can cook rice and pasta dishes for just a few minutes at high heat.
  • Browning meat well cooks it to a deep, delicious brown before serving is key for appearance and flavor.

Can you use a slow cooker when camping?

Yes! Slow cookers are not only great as a traditional source of food, but also a perfect cooking tool for camping. If you use the right slow cooker, you can easily cook up a meal like chili, spaghetti, meatballs, or beef stew in just one pot.

Is it OK to leave a slow cooker on overnight?

It is not recommended to leave a slow cooker on overnight. Leaving it on u unattended can cause food to burn and potentially start a fire in the house.

What are the disadvantages of a slow cooker?

There are no mentionable disadvantages of a slow cooker. The main disadvantage seems that unless one cares sincerely, the programmable slow cooker cannot last a longer period.

Final Word

The best slow cooker for camping is easy to use, and clean and the food that you cook there is just delicious and surprisingly healthy. Having prepared food in the pot of your slow cooker during camping will make your trip much easier. You don’t need to take extra utensils as you do with cooking over an open fire or build a campfire for cooking.

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