5 Best Slow Cooker For Bone Broth – For A Savory Boiling Stock

Experiencing cold winters is one heck of a ride, and one thing that goes into your mind is to have a warm boost of bone broth.

Bone broth can certainly bring you warmth and a healthy meal when dealing with a cold environment. With that, slow cookers are the best way to make one and are currently the most preferred option among moms.

If you want to bring out the best flavors of a bone broth, find a slow cooker that contains features that can make one.

Certainly, there are many slow cookers that you can choose from, and it varies in their functions. Gladly, we have compiled a list of the best slow cooker for bone broth.

Read now and learn more about making the best-tasting bone broth that no one can ever imagine.

What is bone broth and what is bone broth protein?

Bone broth is a staple in all kitchens, big and small. Traditionally, bone broth has been used worldwide to create the best stew, soup, and sauces.

It helps these kinds of recipes to bring out the rich, savory flavor that they can have. Do you know how much protein in bone broth? In one cup of bone broth contains about 20 grams of protein.

Can I cook bone broth in a slow cooker?

Of course! You can cook bone broth in a slow cooker, and actually, it is one of the most suggested kitchen appliances to be used in making bone broth.

Slow cookers have features that can give a bone broth enhanced flavors, and the way it slow cooks will create a simmering power to bring out the best flavors from the bone.

Is it okay to cook bone broth in a low setting?

Of course, and it should be cooked in low heat all the way. The low heat setting can bring your bone broth to a better liquid finish since it will steadily cook the bone inside and out to give you a more flavorful bone broth afterward.

Is a slow cooker even reliable?

The bone broth requires a longer time to create; thus, slow cookers are the best devices to make one. It might take more than 20 hours to cook and can go for 30 hours or more. Aside from that, slow cookers are best for making broths since these devices heat in a consistent way that enhances the flavor of the bone broth.

How long to cook bone broth in a slow cooker?

The time that the bone broth will be finished depends upon your preferences and the type of bone that you are using in making bone broth. Creating bone broths will take you at least 12 hours to make easy, but the longer time you cook the bone broth, the richer it becomes.

Is it worth it to cook bone broth in a slow cooker?

Cooking bone broth in a slow cooker may give several benefits not only from the perspective of the broth but also the healthy nutrients that it can give to consumers.

Bone broths that have been cooked in a slow cooker contain every nutrient because slow cookers make a way to extract all the nutrients from the bone.

Slow cooking a bone broth for a longer time duration can make this possible. Aside from that, the gelatin-rich output of the bone broth is rich in amino acids that every person can benefit from.

Best Slow For Bone Broth: Top Picks

5 Best Slow For Bone Broth: Detailed Insights

1. Best Overall: COMFEE’ 12-in-1 One Touch Kick-Start Multi-functional Programmable Slow Cooker (6 Quarts)

Product Specifications

  • 12.78 lbs Black Stainless Steel Modern Design
  • 6-Quarts Round-Shape (13 x 12 x 13 inches)
  • 110 volts with 1000 wattage electrical capacity
  • Automatic-Touch 12-in-1 Multi-functional Digital programmable

This COMFEE’ 12-in-1 One Touch Kick-Start Multi-functional Programmable Slow Cooker (6 Quarts) is the prime of all multi-cookers.

The cooking experience that you can get with this multi-cooker will get you to a wonderland as it contains different programs that you can choose from.

It all depends on the cooking method you impart using this device and what kind of recipe you are making.

Cooking with this programmable slow cooker won’t give you much time since you don’t have the proper skill set because everything is set in place with its automatic feature and smart setup.

Other than that, it has a function that has a delayed startup if you want to set it to run on its own. It contains a safety feature that automatically stops when cooking is done.

In this way, you won’t get to worry about your meal being overcooked or undercooked.

Overall, this COMFEE’ 12-in-1 One Touch Kick-Start Multi-functional Programmable Slow Cooker (6 Quarts) contains all the necessary features for an all-out kitchen cooking that can save you more money than buying a single device.

Cleaning this slow cooker is also effortless with its dishwasher-safe and non-stick inner linings. It has that one-stop function that can cater to all your needs in one go.

Product Highlights/Best Features

  • 12 Present Smart Programs: Designed for all kinds of cooking setups and methods for a more versatile way of cooking.
  • 9-in-1 Appliance System: Multi-functional setup of 9 different kinds of appliances in one single device for more cooking variations.
  • Recipe Book: Comes with a customized recipe book for more meal selection.
  • Advanced Safety Protection: Added multi-safety features that include temperature and pressure control and anti-lid-lock for a more safety cooking session.
  • Non-Stick Inner Pot: BPA-free inner pot that can be easily washed and proven dishwasher safe.
  • LED Panel Display: Reading is made easy with the LED Panel Display that is readable from afar.
  • DIY Control Panel: Intuitive one-way control panel that contains 12 preset programs that you can choose from.
  • 24-Hour Delay Timer: Can slow-cook foods for a single day without worries.

Why do people choose this product?

  • Worth investing because of its different features that are very useful in the kitchen.
  • Perfect for any cooking style that caters to all of your needs.
  • Easy-to-clean with its stainless steel exterior and non-stick inner linings
  • It can cook any desired meal and is very reliable for getting a perfect meal finish.
  • Risk-free safety features that won’t make worry in everyday cooking

What kind of problems/difficulties will you face in using this product?

  • Doesn’t have any instructions about specific temperatures when using each setting.
  • Has a learning curve when used; hence hard to program when used the first time.
  • Missing accessories upon purchase.

2. Best for Big Batches: Crock-Pot Programmable Slow Cooker (8 Quarts)

Product Specifications

  • 6.8 kgs Black Stainless Steel Modern Sleek Design
  • 110 volts Digital Programmable with Countdown Timer Device
  • 8 Quarts Oval Shape (9.4 x 15.4 x 15.3 inches)

Nothing can be debatable with this lustrous and modern sleek design slow cooker. This Crock-Pot Programmable Slow Cooker (8 Quarts) gives you a perfect way of cooking, but it can give you the best convenience it can bring to a single-family.

The digital timer of this easy-to-cook slow cooker works perfectly, and it doesn’t heat too much as other slow cookers do.

This power-type slow cooker makes things easy because it cooks faster; however, you need to practice and familiarize its settings to perfectly match the way this slow cooker cooks.

Building a connection with this slow cooker is not so hard that it can bring you inconvenience. In fact, it can even help your whenever you need to cook something for your family.

One great feature about this device is that it consistently cooks meals without doing any preparation. It currently boasts of its large capacity that can even feed more than ten people, and the way it can be utilized in cooking is versatile indeed.

Just let this slow cooker run according to your needs, and it will get the cooking done in no time. Give this slow cooker and chance, and surely it will prove something for you.

Product Highlights/Best Features

  • Programmable: Easy way of cooking with its programmable setup that you can just leave while doing something else.
  • Digital Timer: Monitoring is made easy with an advanced alert digital timer to look after your cookings times in every meal.
  • Size Capacity: This monster slow cooker can serve meals for up to 10 people in one go.
  • Auto-Warm Setup: You won’t be worried about having a cold meal with its warm auto setup.

Why do people choose this product?

  • Temperature is consistent in cooking different meals.
  • Cooks faster than the other 8 quarts slow cooker.
  • Super easy to clean with its stainless steel material.
  • Larger capacity for more servings and can be done in batches.
  • Cooks evenly and doesn’t bubble.

What kind of problems/difficulties when you use this product?

  • The exterior is made of aluminum material, making it a not-so heavy-duty device.
  • A warm setting can be too hot for a longer duration of cooking.
  • The low heat setting is pretty high for an 8 quarts slow cooker.

3. Best Value: Black+Decker SCD7007SSD Digital Slow Cooker (7 Quarts)

Product Specifications

  • Stainless Steel Classic Design
  • 17.8 lbs Digitally-operated Device
  • 7 Quarts Round Shape (18 x 15.25 x 11.5 inches)

When it says digital, this slow cooker means it. Black+Decker SCD7007SSD Digital Slow Cooker (7 Quarts) is an outstanding digital slow cooker that has been designed innovatively.

It has an added sous vide feature that you can try for yourself. This device can clearly say that it boasts a twin-way cooking setup that no other slow cooker can have.

This slow cooker can even compete with its solid performance in cooking like no other. It controls temperature is very useful, and its warm feature certainly produces a fresh hot meal in longer durations.

However, the cooking time has been limited only to 20 hours because of safety purposes. Aside from that, its large capacity can handle many services, and it can surprise you that it can be used at any gatherings without any leftovers.

Overall, the huge difference between this slow cooker and other ones is its added sous vide feature. At most, you will be pleased with how it can control the cooking process and how it can produce the best results.

Your family can enjoy any recipe in mind, and having this slow cooker can be a plus to your cooking journey.

Product Highlights/Best Features

  • Temperature Probe: Set things right with this temperature probe that ensures every meal has been cooked thoroughly.
  • Sous-Vide Function: An advanced way of cooking that can give you more cooking setup with an added sous-vide feature for a vacuum way of easy cooking.
  • Digital Control Panel: Easy selection with a large control panel that is very readable.
  • Removable Stoneware: Big-time durability feature that can easily maintain heat and a very easy clean-up after usage.

Why do people choose this product?

  • Additional sous vide features can take you to a new cuisine way of cooking.
  • Solid cooking performance with consistency at its best.
  • Cooks precisely upon setup and works well with makings stocks.
  • Easy to clean when giving it a little wishy washing.
  • Digital settings make it easier to set up cooking.

What kind of problems/difficulties will you face in using this product?

  • The exterior design is not that stylish to match other kitchen devices.
  • Cooking time is limited to not more than 20 hours.
  • Temperature control might not be precise with a droppable lid seal.

4. Best for Singles: Crock-Pot Round Manual Slow Cooker SCR200-B (2 Quarts)

Product Specifications

  • 2.13 kgs Round Shape Material (7.4 x 8.9 x 9 inches)
  • 2 Quarts Black Stoneware Elegant Design
  • 220 volts with 1500 watts electrical capacity

If you are a student and want to make a bone broth for yourself, this Crock-Pot Round Manual Slow Cooker SCR200-B (2 Quarts) is enough for you.

This one-of-a-kind slow cooker allows you to prepare exactly a meal that suits you only. If you are single and are busy with everyday work, this slow cooker will cater to your everyday needs.

Just prepare everything before you leave, and you will return with a tasty supper when you get back.

This very simple slow cooker lets you cook easily with its not-so-complicated setup since it has only three settings: low, high, and warm.

Even it has only three setups, the convenience that it can bring you is excellent. It can keep any dish you cook at the ideal temperature setting.

The round shape design makes it a better way to stir things without complications. Aside from that, it has detachable stoneware that can give you an easy-way clean-up.

One can benefit from this slow cooker because of its simplicity. Cooking is simplified when you use this small but amazing slow cooker since it does everything to showcase the best way of slow cooking.

It cooks well and is very ideal when you travel around by yourself. It is very portable, easy to carry, and very handy to bring everywhere. It comes with risk-free materials, making the device completely safe.

Product Highlights/Best Features

  • Two-way setting: Simple two-way manual setup that makes it easier to slow cook.
  • Removable Stoneware: Easy and simplified cleaning with its round shape lid.
  • Compact: Very compact and easy to carry slow cooker that can be transported easily anywhere.

Why do people choose this product?

  • Small size and great for solo individuals.
  • A long-lasting device with an easy setup.
  • Easy cleaning after every usage.
  • A budget-friendly device that can be easily transported anywhere.
  • Easy to store anywhere in the kitchen.

What kind of problems/difficulties will you face in using this product?

  • The exterior can be very hot.
  • Doesn’t have a warm setting to warm foods.
  • Not for big eaters and takes longer time in cooking.

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5. Best: Cuisinart MSC-600 3-in-1 Cook Central Multi-Cooker (6 Quarts)

Product Specifications

  • 16 lbs Silver Stainless Steel Modern Design
  • 6 Quarts Rectangular Shape (12 x 19 x 9.5 inches)
  • Programmable and Certified frustration-free

This Cuisinart MSC-600 3-in-1 Cook Central Multi-Cooker (6 Quarts) will give you the upper hand if you want a lifetime slow cooker partner.

The device is made up of high-quality material that will last longer and will continue its legacy until it breaks. This slow cooker opens a new world of cooking since it can be programmed the way you want.

The coating of this slow cooker is of excellent quality and makes it easier for you to clean it up after every slow cooking.

Its rectangular shape is fantastic that it will tend to heat more consistently than other slow cookers. One thing that is great about this device is that you can brown meat easily, and it cooks well for a 6-quart slow cooker.

This slow cooker will give out the best in your slow cooking journey. It may also replace your oven and get things right properly and accurately.

It doesn’t matter if you set things high or low; this slow cooker will certainly give you the best experience that you want for your life. Lastly, having this device is very reasonable and is worth an investment to many.

Product Highlights/Best Features

  • One-touch switch: Combining cooking setups is made easy with this one-touch switch feature.
  • Blue LCD Display: Easy-to-read LCD display with an extra-large blue color.
  • Non-stick pot: Has a removable cooking pot made of aluminum for easy cleaning.
  • Glass Lid: Great for easy monitoring meals inside with a clear view observation.
  • Cool-touch handles: Burn-free handles to make it easier to transport.
  • Programmable: This contains a three-way programmable function that lets you have a versatile way of cooking.

Why do people choose this product?

  • Has a stay-cool handle for transporting the slow cooker safely.
  • Easy to clean with its Teflon insert material.
  • The straightforward setting for convenience.
  • Budget-friendly and worth the money.

What kind of problems/difficulties will you face in using this product?

  • The cord cannot be detached and is not retractable.
  • No time delay feature and the Teflon material is not long-lasting.
  • Has a loose lid that may complicate the cooking times.

Cooking Bone Borth in a Slow Cooker: Pros and Cons


Convenience – Using a slow cooker when making broth can give you convenience. You can just let the bone broth simmer all the way while waiting for it to be cooked thoroughly. This means that you can do other things, and you don’t need to monitor the bone broth every hour.

Consistency – Having a slow cooker cook your bone broth will give it a steady temperature to extract all the nutrients from the bone to make the broth. Apart from that, you don’t need to adjust the settings since it has been set accordingly.

Eco-friendly – Slow cookers are actually cost-efficient and energy-saving devices. It can help the environment when slow cooking for longer hours. Other than that, its sealed-off lid will keep things from being messy.

Best for bigger bones – Slow cookers have the best functions to get high-quality quality broth from bigger bones. It consistently cooks the bone inside and out, extracting all the remaining flavors to give a richer flavor in the end.


Liquid Loss – Slow cookers keep the moisture intact and will make the inside dry out. One of the biggest turnaround when cooking bone broth in a slow cooker is that it can lead to a bitter broth that you don’t like. If you have encountered a broth that had turned dark, that’s a sign of stopping the slow cooker from cooking and when it comes to monitoring the slow cooker, make sure to add more water to give the slow cooker moisture.

Can be unhealthy – Cooking bone broth for a longer period may have disadvantages for some people because they cannot tolerate the high nutrients it can make. People with poor gut health may actually be harmed from a long-cooked bone broth.

Bitter and Burn – Remember that you are using a long duration of heat when cooking bone broth in a slow cooker. That will make the bone broth bitter the longer you sit it cooking inside a slow cooker. In some cases, the longer your cook a bone broth, the more possibility it may have a burnt flavor.

Toxicity – Some slow cookers have heating elements or materials made of toxic substances such as lead. So, make sure to get a slow cooker that is lead-free.

How to choose the best slow cooker for bone broth?

To select the best slow cooker for bone broth, it should contain several features to create an everlasting flavor.

You should choose several functions to help you bring out the flavors while waiting for them to be cooked. With that, here are the features that you should consider in getting the best slow cooker for bone broth:

Temperature Control Settings: Most programmable slow cookers currently have this feature. Not only that, it is built because of safety but also for getting the best consistent heat in making bone broth.

Controlling the temperature conventionally is a very hard thing to do, which is why this feature will solve this problem.

Getting the perfect temperature will be easy if you use a slow cooker with this feature, and what’s more, it has a warm setting that lets your bone broth simmer while serving it hot afterward.

Material: Getting a high-quality material slow cooker is the best choice. But with making a bone broth, you should either get a slow cooker made of aluminum or stainless steel.

These materials are very durable and can be cleaned easily, plus it gives perfect heat inside.

Programmable: Nothing can get you away with a programmable slow cooker. This is one of the most purchased and used types of slow cooker nowadays.

If you want to get one to make bone broth, make sure it has programmable settings. This will let you set up the device to slowly simmer the broth.

Aside from that, ensure that the device has safety settings that can auto shut off once cooking is done.

Capacity: Thinking about this feature can be overlooked by others. Do get a slow cooker that suits well with your family or yourself.

Make sure that every cooking setup doesn’t go to waste. So, get the capacity to serve a particular number of people in mind.

Can a stockpot be a good slow cooker alternative for making bone broth?

Yes, stockpots are actually designed for making broths and stocks. The difference between stockpots from slow cookers is that they are larger in comparison.

Stockpots are non-electric devices that use a stove; this helps develop more profound broth flavors.

Final Thoughts

Having a slow cooker to help you create the best bone broth can be mesmerizing. Indeed, it is one of the best ways to bring out the best broth flavors.

Apart from that, it will give you a nutritional value that you may enjoy with a warm bowl of broth. Also, you can have the broth partnered with other recipes as well.

Everything is possible in the world of slow cookers. What matters today is how you make things possible and your preference.

With that, try to get our best overall pick: the COMFEE’ 12-in-1 One Touch Kick-Start Multi-functional Programmable Slow Cooker (6 Quarts).

This slow cooker will bring the best in you with the best bone broth, and it can cater to almost everything, making your slow cooking journey more memorable.

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