5 The Best Instant Pots for Couples Who Want to Cook Easily

Having a married life is not that easy because of the responsibilities that you should do in order to make everything work. Being with your partner is a great fulfillment once you have come across many life challenges. And one of the first parts of being together is deciding how things should go in the house. Thinking about the things you need to procure for a lifetime takes a great amount of brainstorming, and you can’t ever argue with your wife, at least.

In some sense, you can help with that in terms of deciding what to cook daily, and that is one way to make your significant one love you more each day – your cooking! With that said, you should get an instant pot to make things easier because it can help you with all the cooking you want to prepare for your wife. In this article, we will present the best instant pot for couples for you to choose from. Discover how amazing these devices are, and surely you won’t regret it when you buy one.

What can an instant pot do to married couples?

An instant pot can do many wonders for couples. The main job of an instant pot is to help couples grow each day by providing convenience in daily cooking. It makes things easier in terms of cooking and preparing food. Instead of getting a single kitchen device that you can buy, get an instant pot that can do every single thing. These devices are versatile in the fact that they would even give you some time for your partner.

Can a married couple save money by using an instant pot?

Of course! The best thing about having an instant pot in your arsenal is that you can utilize it for different cooking methods. With it, you can slow, pressure, cook rice, and many others that depend. Utilizing a single instant pot is a money saver than getting every single device in the store.

Is it worth it to buy an instant pot for couples?

Finding an instant pot for you and your partner may take time in decision-making because you must consider many things. But the moment you decide to buy one, you are focusing on the worth of that device because you know that it can help you in many ways, such as in the cooking process. An instant pot is a multifunctional device that can serve many things in a single go.

Why are instant pots popular for couples?

Instant pots are popular for couples because of the convenience that they can bring. It helps in saving space on the countertops and provides many methods to cook different kinds of recipes. You can also utilize it anytime you want, which will surely give you a perfect finished home-cooked meal.

Are instant pots safe?

Instant pots are proven safe because it is designed in that way. Making it a multi-equipment means that it is built for safety. Without technology today, these devices have added safety features that you can use upon utilizing them in cooking. You should not be worried about anything because instant pots can give you a stress-free way of cooking without getting any trouble.

What size of the instant pot is best for couples?

The best instant pot size for couples is 3 quarts in capacity. An instant pot like this can cover any meal, perhaps with no leftovers. A 3-quarts instant is enough for you and your partner in preparing any meal. But if you intend to use one for a gathering, better upgrade to 6 quarts to serve everyone.

Are instant pots toxic?

Instant pots are made safe with high-quality non-toxic materials; thus, they are not toxic, to begin with. They have been processed under strict regulations so they can be sold in the market. As with other devices, you must ensure that you buy the legit ones from the official stores because you might encounter fake ones that will give you trouble.

Have any instant pots exploded?

There are rare cases where instant pots explode because they are defective or have been fake. It might even be the safety features that didn’t work, or the user doesn’t know how to operate one. Hence, before buying an instant pot, be sure to read the instruction manual first to know the basics of operating the device and buy the legit ones on the market.

How long do instant pots last?

The life expectancy of instant pots revolves around the silicone ring that can be seen it its lid so that it will ensure that it will close the pot entirely. Mostly, it will run up to a few years before replacing this ring is used again. But the whole device will last longer if properly cared for and maintained.

Best Instant Pot For Couples: Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 (3 Quarts)
  • Best For Couples On-The-Go: Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 (3 Quarts)
  • Best Programmable: Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 (3 Quarts)
  • Best For Budget: Instant Pot Lux Mini 6-in-1 (3 Quarts)
  • Best For Small Family: Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 10-in-1 (6 Quarts)

Best Instant Pot For Couples: Detailed Insights

1. Best Overall: Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 (3 Quarts)

Product Specifications

  • 8.8 lbs Stainless Steel/Black Modern Sleek Design
  • 3 Quarts Automatic Touch-Control (11.5 x 10.2 x 11 inches)
  • 110 volts with 700 wattages electrical capacity
  • 9-in-1 Multifunction Usage

Which recipes are cooked well in this pot?

  • Hard-Boiled Eggs
  • Beef Soups and Stews
  • Fresh Yogurts
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Cheesecake Deserts

Customer Review

Customer Review

Product Review

Marriage is not easy when it comes to surviving all the hardships in life, and if you want to be fulfilled with one another, you better get this Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 (3 Quarts). This Instant Pot will be a game-changer for every couple because of its compact size and lightweight feature with programmable and customizable presets. Not only that it is useful, but also energy efficient too with an automatic touch-control system that can be turned on with just one tap.

What makes this instant pot top of the list is that it acts as a mother of every kitchen device that your wife will surely love. It has a multi-function of 9 devices in just a single instant pot, which means that it will take care of all of your cooking in just a single go. If both of you are minimalistic individuals, this instant pot will be the best bet for you. It also contains a self-enhanced steam system that has an auto-lock feature to make it easier to vent food recipes.

Through innovation, it has been designed to perfectly sync with your everyday cooking. Its real-time monitoring display will alarm you about what is needed in every cooking process. Aside from that, everything is programmable with this instant pot since it has 13 programmed settings that you can use daily. Also, don’t forget the high-quality material of this device that makes it safer to use in cooking and user-friendly.

Product Highlights/Best Features

  • Multi-Function: Pressure Cooker, Food Warmer, Slow Cooker, Sterilizer, Rice Cooker, Saute Pan, Yogurt Maker, Steamer
  • Enhanced Steam System: Improved steam release for hassle-free venting with an auto-close lid feature
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Cooking is made easy with a fully-functional monitoring system with an LCD display
  • Programmable: Designed to have 13 programs for cooking any type of recipe.
  • High-Grade Material: Comes with a stainless steel design that functions to make cooking more consistent
  • Anti-Spin: Tightly secures the lid for any possible movements.
  • Easy-To-Clean: Dishwasher-safe ant-scratch surface.
  • Added Safety Features: Additional safety features include heat protection and a safety lock.

Why do people choose this product?

  • Convenient and versatile to use.
  • Flexible in preparing any food recipe.
  • It has a larger LED display which makes it easier to monitor.
  • Comes with a manual keep warm function.
  • Clean-up is easy and cooks to perfection.

What kind of difficulties will you face in using this product?

  • Has a learning curve to familiarize all the settings.
  • The outer part can be complicated to clean.
  • Takes a long time to pressure cook.
  • Hard to configure the settings.
  • The manufacturer has poor customer service.

2. Best For Couples On-The-Go: Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 (3 Quarts)

Product Specifications

  • 8.65 lbs Stainless Steel/Black Modern Sleek Design
  • 3 Quarts Push Button Touch-Control (11.4 x 11.2 x 10 inches)
  • 120 volts with 700 wattages electrical capacity
  • 7-in-1 Multifunction Usage

Which recipes are cooked well in this pot?

Customer Review

Product Review

If you think of settling more on getting every kitchen device for your home, think again! This Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 (3 Quarts) will be enough for you. It has a multi-function feature that can cook any recipe of your preference. Whether you want to slow cook, cook rice or even do some pressure cooking, this Instant Pot will make things easier for you as a couple.

Unlike slow cookers, this instant pot consists of a one-touch smart program that has 13 built-in settings that you can use. It is even customizable for your own desired cooking. That means that you can time your cooking yourself whenever you want. Also, if you are an avid fan of pressure cooking, this instant pot will give you a hand because it is designed to cook faster than any pressure cooker around, which means that you can cook for a shorter time than usual.

When dealing with any kitchen devices, you sometimes worry about how safe it is to do the cooking, but in terms of safety, this Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 (3 Quarts) is considerably built to be safe at all times since it has trusted features that make you worry-free. Overall, this device is a rare gem that can be used in your daily cooking while you are busy making lifelong memories with your partner.

Product Highlights/Best Features

  • Multi-Function: Pressure Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Slow Cooker, Steamer, Rice Cooker, Saute, and Sterilizer
  • One-Touch Smart Program: Comes with 13 built-in settings for cooking different kinds of recipe
  • Faster Pressure Cooking: Innovative pressure cooking feature that will make it faster to cook
  • Easy-Clean Up: Stainless steel surface with finger-print resistant feature makes cleaning easier after use.
  • Trusted Safety Features: More than ten added safety features for stress-free cooking.
  • Food-grade material: Made of high-quality material to cook for perfection.

Why do people choose this product?

  • Easy to use and cooks quickly.
  • Cooks consistently and saves space on the countertop.
  • Built-in settings are timed perfectly.
  • Designed with High-quality and safe materials.
  • Time-saver and efficient

What kind of difficulties when you use this product?

  • It has a learning curve to familiarize myself with all the settings
  • A little complicated to learn at first.
  • Food scents can be trapped in the sealing rings, making them awful to smell.
  • Doesn’t have brown food ingredients.
  • The rubber pad on the bottom is quite small.

3. Best Programmable: Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 (3 Quarts)

Product Specifications

  • 9 lbs Stainless Steel Silver Modern Design
  • 3 Quarts Automatic Touch-Control (11.5 x 10.2 x 11 inches)
  • 120 volts with 700 wattages electrical capacity
  • 10-in-1 Multifunction Usage

Which recipes are cooked well in this pot?

  • Soup Broth
  • Steamed Sweet Potato
  • Sous Vide Tuna Steak
  • Beef Brisket
  • Steel Cut Oats

Customer Review

Product Review

Technology has been proven to be a wonder in this modern age, and with this Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 (3 Quarts), life couldn’t be so much easier. If you are a couple gearing to have a better way of living and starting to build from scratch, this Instant Pot is for you. It has a 10-multi-function feature that can be used for different cooking processes. This means you can save more space for your kitchen and give yourself the life you’ve ever wanted – problem-free.

This Instant Pot will cook everything for you, from making soups to stews and roasts. There is no recipe that this great device can cook. It comes with an ultra-programmed setting that can be used with any of your preferences. When you desire to cook something, using this Instant Pot will be a breeze because you can see the progress of the cooking process with its progress bar. Aside from that, it has been embedded with the latest technology microprocessor that makes it so modern that you can just make something in just a single sweep.

It might, however, be hard to use at first because it needs to be familiarized. Its settings can be a learning curve, and you should know how to use the button properly to avoid mishaps. The device has also improved in terms of venting since its pressure regulator has been improved, and it can now quickly release heat for even faster pressure cooking. You can also set up the exact temperature that you want with this awesome device, and best of all, the design of this Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 (3 Quarts) is much more attractive than other Instant Pots around.

Product Highlights/Best Features

  • Ultra-programmed – Accessible multi-featured settings for different preferences in cooking.
  • Visual Progress Monitoring – Added progress bar for perfect cooking
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment – Comes with a preset setting to adjust settings
  • Multi-function – Pressure Cooker, Sterilizer, Slow Coker, Warmer, Yogurt Maker, Steamer, Egg Cooker, Searing
  • Micro-processed – Embedded with the latest technology microprocessor for better usage.
  • Safety-Certified – Added 11 worry-free safety features

Why do people choose this product?

  • Extremely versatile and flexible to use anytime and anywhere.
  • It has a pressure release button to make things easy.
  • It gives extra adjustability.
  • It has a stainless steel inner pot which makes it easier to clean.
  • It has the ability to adjust the actual temperature.

What kind of difficulties will you face in using this product?

  • Has a learning curve to learn and familiarize all the buttons.
  • The sealing ring can pick up food scents and smells.
  • Manual can be a bit complicated to learn.
  • It may overheat when used for a longer duration.
  • The cooking times in its free recipe book are not accurate.

4. Best For Budget: Instant Pot Lux Mini 6-in-1 (3 Quarts)

Product Specifications

  • 8.5 lbs Stainless Steel Silver Modern Design
  • 2.8 Liters Automatic Touch-Control (11.5 x 10.51 x 10.5 inches)
  • 120 volts with 700 wattages electrical capacity
  • 6-in-1 Multifunction Usage

Which recipes are cooked well in this pot?

  • Bean Soup
  • Beef Stew
  • Cheesecake
  • Roast Beef
  • Steamed Artichokes

Customer Review

Product Review

If you are quite low on the budget and need only the basic stuff in cooking, this Instant Pot Lux Mini 6-in-1 (3 Quarts) will suit you as a couple. This device will be your best buddy when it comes to preparing any meal daily, for it has six multi-function settings that you can use. Remember, it will only give you the basics, which means the very important cooking methods you can have. This will be your lifeline when it comes to preparing home-cooked foods and when it cooks food for you, it won’t bother you anymore.

This Instant Pot is ideal in any setting and not only during the cooking but also after it. It can keep foods fresh and warm because it has a longer keep warm feature that goes up to 10 hours. You can even utilize its bonus accessories to make it easier to prepare different recipes. Your wife or husband will surely love how this device helps your everyday needs. This device is much safer to use than any other appliance because it is made from high-quality materials with added safety features.

Product Highlights/Best Features

  • Quicker Cooking – Built-in with the latest technology to cook any recipe faster.
  • Longer Keep Warm – Consists of a 10-hour keep warm feature to make your food fresh.
  • Added Accessories – Includes accessories that you can use in cooking.
  • Added Safety Features – Designed to cook any food recipe in a safe manner.
  • High-Quality Material – Comes with a high-quality material that will last long

Why do people choose this product?

  • Easy to clean and very energy-efficient.
  • Capable of producing perfect meals.
  • Functionality is top-notch.
  • Fast cooking with any setting.
  • Dust-resistant

What kind of difficulties will you face in using this product?

  • There is no countdown timer.
  • It can spit a little when you vent the steam.
  • Takes 10 minutes to preheat the pot.
  • It can be a little intimidating at first.
  • Has a learning curve.

5. Best For Small Family: Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 10-in-1 (6 Quarts)

Product Specifications

  • 5.9 kgs Stainless Steel Silver/Black Modern Design
  • 6 Quarts Manual-Automatic Touch-Control (15.75 x 14.45 x 14.37 inches)
  • 110/120 volts with 1200 wattages electrical capacity
  • 10-in-1 Multi-function Usage

Which recipes are cooked well in this pot?

  • Roast Turkey
  • White Rice
  • Pasta/Spaghetti
  • Chicken Alfredo
  • Mac and Cheese

Customer Review

Product Review

Never think that a certain device is at its peak because it will still get better. It’s the same as this Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 10-in-1 (6 Quarts). This latest technological innovation is the next evolution of Instant Pots, and among the Instant Pot products around, this is a beast. In fact, this is highly regarded as the king of all Instant Pots, and you can’t find anything like this in the market.

This Instant Pot lets you avail of its useful features directed to most couples worldwide because it will make things convenient for newlyweds. It has enhanced technology features that cook faster than any Instant Pots, saving you more time and effort. Hence, you can make more time for your significant other. It also has quick-cool technology that will give you a breeze in pressure cooking which lets you reduce the time to half.

Its auto seal will also not make you worry because it is designed to be sturdy for a lifetime. Aside from that, your wife will love how many preset programs this Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 10-in-1 (6 Quarts) includes in its arsenal. With 48 presets for cooking, you won’t even finish cooking everything in a month’s time. It also comes with an easy-grip for transporting and contains a bigger display for an easy look. Lastly, the safety that it can entrust you as a couple is a lifesaver, for it can lessen any stress that life can make.

Product Highlights/Best Features

  • Enhanced Features – Can cook faster, which saves time and effort.
  • Quick-cool Technology – Reduced pressure release time for faster cooking.
  • Auto-seal – Comes with an auto-close seal for safety and to improve steam cover
  • More preset programs – A total of 48 presets for cooking any food recipe
  • Non-slip handles – Comes with an easy-grip handle for easy transport.
  • Bigger Display – More readable LCD Display for monitoring
  • Safety-Certified – Proven safety features with different safety mechanisms
  • Multi-function – Pressure Cooker, Steamer, Slow Cooker, Stock Pot, Yogurt Maker, Bake, Sous Vide, Food Warmer, Saute

Why do people choose this product?

  • It has an altitude adjustment.
  • Comes with a progress indicator for monitoring.
  • Designed with a removable power cord to save space.
  • Pressure cooks faster.
  • It has a variety of easy settings that makes cooking more flexible.

What kind of difficulties will you face in using this product?

  • It can be very hot in longer cooking durations.
  • Intimidating to use because it has many presets
  • Has a learning curve
  • It has the ability to seal automatically.
  • Raises temperature slowly in its sous-vide function

What are some functions of an instant pot?

As you may know from now, an Instant Pot acts like a multi-device that has multiple functions; here are some functions that a single instant pot can have, it can serve as the following kitchen devices:

  • Slow Cooker
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Rice Cooker
  • Yogurt Maker
  • Broth Maker
  • Bean Cooker
  • Saute
  • Steamer
  • Stock Pot
  • Food Warmer
  • Sous Vide
  • Baking

Which model of Instant Pot is best?

The Instant Pot is undoubtedly the most popular electric multi-cooker since it can do everything, among other things—but several companies offer this useful equipment. Even if you’re pressed for time, a decent Instant Pot can expediently help you get supper on the table. The Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 (3 Quarts) remains our top pick in terms of functionality. It provides excellent productivity at an affordable price, and its innovative design makes it simpler to operate than rival multi-cookers.

Instant Pot Duo vs Ultra

The Instant Pot Duo and the Instant Pot Ultra are two of the most popular models from the Instant Pot range. While both models offer a range of features and functions to help you get delicious meals on the table quickly and easily, there are some slight differences between them.

The Instant Pot Duo is the more basic of the two models. It has a total of seven functions, including pressure cooking, slow cooking, steaming, sautéing, warming and yogurt making. It also has 14 different cooking programs and a 24-hour delay timer. It has a 3-quart capacity and an inner pot that is made of stainless steel.

The Instant Pot Ultra is the more advanced model of the two. It has a total of 11 functions, including pressure cooking, slow cooking, steaming, sautéing, warming, yogurt making, cake making and sterilizing. It also has 16 different cooking programs and a delay timer that can be set up to 24 hours. It has a 6-quart capacity and an inner pot that is made of ceramic.

Things to consider when buying a Best Instant Pots For Couples

In deciding to buy an instant pot for your home, you need to keep in mind important considerations to fully utilize the device as a whole. You should check everything, from its technical specification to quality testing. You also need to make sure that the instant pot that you would want to buy is sufficient for your daily needs. Here are some key points that you need to know in order to decide one:

  • Capacity – As a couple, you need to get an instant pot that provides sufficient serving for you and your partner. We recommend that you choose a 3-quarts size instant pot because it can serve food for a couple without leftovers. Otherwise, if you want to use an instant pot for gathering, upgrade it for a larger one so that it can account for more people to be fed.
  • Features – The best thing about an instant pot is its features. Its features are the limelight of a single instant pot, for it can bring convenience not limited to a single couple but everyone around. Some models have built-in functions with numerous settings that you can use. The more functions an instant pot has, the more ways you can utilize it.
  • Price – As a newlywed couple, your budget is your placeholder. No matter how many functions or setting an instant pot have, make sure that you will get one that can be available for your budget.
  • Accessories – In the market, an instant pot also comes with free accessories, so if you want to have one with many freebies that you can freely use in your daily cooking, grab the chance if you find one because it will surely save you some money rather than buying it separately.
  • Care and Maintenance – We all know that a device can deteriorate for some time. That is why you need to check its materials first before purchasing one. Get a stainless steel one so that it won’t be hard for you to clean it daily upon usage.
  • Safety – Let’s not forget about this. Safety is a must in every way. Most instant pots have different features but get those ones that have added safety features in them. The less worry, the happier the cooking experience will be.
  • Functionality – Instant pots may not be easy to deal with at first, but once you familiarize yourself with all the settings, cooking with them will become easier. For starters, get an instant pot that has an instruction manual so that you can just follow it upon cooking. Search also for reviews so that you will know the functionality of the instant pot that you are choosing before buying it.
  • Versatility – As mentioned before, an instant pot varies on how versatile it is, so get an instant pot that suits your needs and, if possible, get the one that has the most function to make it worth it.
  • Warranty – Remember that when buying a device, it doesn’t mean that it will automatically work out as you expected, so be sure to buy an instant pot that covers a warranty. If ever you may encounter a problem with it, you can always refund it to the manufacturer.

How to take care of an instant pot?

Cleaning an instant pot is not as easy as you expect it to be. Every cleaning and maintenance is critical because its parts may collect germs that cause health problems. That’s why you must follow what is instructed in the manual before washing them. You can do this by carefully removing the detachable pieces and cleaning the food residue. Most Instant Pots are removable, so they can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher.

In some cases, the silicone ring might retain some odor from the food, and when not cleaned properly, it will ruing the next meal you are preparing. You can roast the ring in an oven to remove the odor and clean it thoroughly by washing and wiping it with a cloth afterward. Aside from that, you may also replace these rings to make them new again.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to having a happy life with your significant one, an Instant Pot is there to help pave the way to fulfillment. This multi-cooker device can help you in many ways, especially in cooking different recipes. It also gives you convenience and a quick time to cook food so that you may utilize the remaining time for your partner.

Every one of us has our own preference, but when it comes to getting an instant, be sure that you will get one that will suit your needs. Whether you like the convenience of pre-programmed settings or the availability of the Instant Pot to get around, everything depends upon your choice. But before choosing one, ensure that you take note of its features, and it would be best if you get first the simplest one out there before upgrading with a more complex model. In the end, it depends on the decision, and your wife would likely like to have a say with that.

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