Am I allowed to bring a slow cooker to FSU?

Yes, you are allowed to bring a slow cooker to FSU. It is the safest cooking equipment for students and for the learning environment.

However, if this is your first time at FSU, you are not allowed to bring in any cooking equipment with exposed heating tools, such as pressure pots, toaster ovens, steam cookers, deep fryers, grills, or hot plates.

We advise you to pay attention to the voltage/current consumption and size, as many schools have strict safety standards.

Is the slow cooker good for college students?

There is nothing as frustrating as a hungry student who has to cook after long hours in class. This is why slow cookers are the best cooking tools for college students.

Whether you like cooking or not, slow cookers cook long and slow, allowing you to pay attention in class and return to a deliciously warm meal after school.

Slow cookers are a versatile addition for any student. It can cook virtually everything, from grains to proteins to vegetables and more. Furthermore, a slow cooker cooks at a stable temperature and heat, and you never have to worry about burning your food.

Most slow cookers are non-stick and super easy to clean. All you need to do is scrub it with a soft cloth and soap, then wipe it clean/dry for the next delicious meal.

Before we leave, a slow cooker ensures you enjoy a moist, healthy, and well-cooked meal every time.

Which slow cooker is best for a college dorm?

A student is on a tight budget, but certain factors must be considered when buying one. These include affordability, durability, and quality.

The Hamilton Beach 7-quart slow cooker

Hamilton brand slow cookers are exceptional and affordable. You can get a great one for under $70. This slow cooker has everything, including

  • Flexible programming
  • Large cooking surface area.
  • It offers even heat and temperature distribution while cooking.
  • When the food is done, an automatic switch to warm ensures that you never eat a cold meal.
  • Use a thermometer to check protein doneness if cooking meat, chicken, or fish.
  • It is the perfect size for roommates who share food with their friends.

However, we love Hamilton Beach for its sturdy design, ease of use, and its ability to keep cooking even in areas with power glitches.

Crock-Pot 6 quartz stainless steel portable slow cooker

Like the Hamilton Beach slow cooker, this cooking equipment is affordable and cooks whatever you want without the fancy buttons. Though it lacks fancy settings, it has all the charms that come with a slow cooker and is perfect for students. Some features we like are:

  • Simple dials for selecting between warm, high, and low temperatures
  • Heat setting, including preset cooking times
  • Locking handles to keep the lid in place while cooking.
  • The stainless steel exterior makes cleaning easy.

GreenLife Cook Duo 6 Quartz Ceramic Non-stick Slow Cooker

If you are worried about what gets into your food while it cooks for long hours, you might want to try the elegant cook duo by GreenLife.

This lightweight, extra-spacious cookware consists of a healthy ceramic pot free of cadmium, lead, PFOA, and PFAS for worry-free cooking. Students will enjoy the

  • Off/on, delay time, three mode settings (high, medium, and low), and keep warm buttons are all simple to use.
  • The non-stick ceramic insert allows for intense flavor with a longer cook time.
  • The insert is removable, allowing you to carry it to your eating area without the exterior. Now you do not have to worry about damage to it.
  • It offers even heat distribution and a heatproof exterior and is available in bright and beautiful colors.
  • Dishwasher safe

Elite Gourmet Slow Cooker for soups, stews, and sauces

This 2-quart slow cooker is any student’s companion. It is ideal for limited storage space and cooks the perfect portion size for just you and a couple of friends.

While it may appear small, this solidly built slow cooker has a powerful and even heat and temperature distribution that ensures food is cooked well without extra work.

While it does not feature a timer setting, its manual dial allows you to cook moist, delicious, and flavorful dishes.

One disadvantage of this slow cooker is that the surface gets hot while in use; hence, you must be careful to avoid burns. Otherwise, this portable cooker is just perfect for students in dorms.

Why should a student use a slow cooker?

School is enough stress, but cooking should not be. Students hardly get enough time to cook healthy or delicious meals.

This is why many end up eating junk, gaining weight, and looking tired most of the time. The slow cooker is a must-have for a million and one reasons, but we will list a few.

Meals are cooked properly and safely

Food poisoning is a problem for many, resulting from improperly cooked food. The slow cooker eliminates this through the long and slow hours it takes.

A slow cooker cooks between 170 and 280 degrees, ensuring safe cooking and the destruction of bacteria and other pathogens.

Enjoy the natural taste and flavor of food

The slow cooker allows you to prepare delicious dishes with minimal ingredients, and its versatility means you can cook virtually anything you want without excessive prep time. It is perfect for sandwiches, stews, soups, rice, beans, vegetables, or baking.

It is safe for students and schools

Fire accidents are deadly, and any school knows that student protection is paramount. The slow cooker is the best for school dorms; it lacks any fire-causing components. So it is a win-win as the risk of a fire is minimal.

It is budget-friendly

Students are always cash-strapped, and food is essential for living and doing well in school. Many online stores such as eBay, Amazon, and other online stores have slow cookers listed at less than $30 to $100, which is affordable for most students.

Furthermore, having a slow cooker is a huge money-saver. Now you don’t have to spend money on take-outs or restaurants, but you can throw a couple of ingredients into the pot and head off to class, only returning to a flavorful cooked meal.

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